What’s this about?

This little spot on the internet is where I am posting my Yoga Sutra Cards, my study tools. I began learning about Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra as part of a yoga study group at a nearby Viniyoga studio. As I considered the content of the Yoga Sutra and integrated it into my daily life, I began to notice positive changes result. Encouraged, I continued the study…

These cards are written to concisely capture a few things I wanted to commit to memory – like flash cards – for each sutra:

  • Sanskrit written in characters I recognize
  • chanting notation
  • translation of each of the Sanskrit words
  • one-sentence summary
  • a relevant yogic action to take

Each of the cards has its own page here. On the pages, I have compiled quotes from the Yoga Sutra discourse on any given sutra. I don’t have anything to add to this; I feel more like listening. And I also feel like sharing what I hear. So here they are, my notes.

Namaste ~ Michelle

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