1.12 The mind can be stilled through practice and non-attachment.

“Nonattachment (vairagya) signifies the stability and serenity that arise when we withdraw from passion. The less we identify with our passions, the greater is our inner peace, in spite of difficulties. Nonattachment implies freedom with regard to affects, emotions, and sentiments…. Persevering practice is a way of proceeding, and nonattachment is what comes of it.”

– Bernard Bouchard, The Essence of Yoga

“Practice without nonattachment can lead to a superinflated ego that relishes using power to satisfy self-interest regardless of consequences….. On the other hand, without the strength and mental clarity that come with practice, true non-attachment may never really dawn…. The combination of practice and nonattachment leads to becoming an individual who develops his or her capacities to the fullest and who is guided by a clear, selfless mind.”

– Reverend Jaganath Carrera, Inside the Yoga Sutras

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